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Last updated on March 25th, 2018

Hugs are like drugs – releasing chemicals in the brain that produce a ‘love hormone’ which according to research could help strengthen your relationship.

A hug means something. After all, you only hug family, close friends or loved ones. Now we know that hugging your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or partner at night is a sure fire way to strengthen your love for one another.

The hug is an underrated show of affection. Marriages and relationships get hung up around holding hands, kissing and, of course, sex…and there is nothing wrong with that at all. But don’t push the hug to one side, because research has revealed that it has a lot more benefits for relationships than many couples could ever have imagined.

We would all like a perfect night’s sleep and there are many tips on how you can achieve that. But consider hugging under the duvet sheets as you fall asleep arm in arm. Not only will it relax and arouse at the same time, it will have far greater impact in strengthening your relationship, research has revealed.

The reason behind hugging being a boost to love lives and relationships is the fact that hugs produce oxytocin, sometimes known as the love hormone as it has been branded.

Produced by pregnant women during childbirth in order to bond with the new born child, scientific research shows the same levels of love and connection are also produced when couples hug.

“We used to think that oxytocin was found only in the pregnant uterus, but in fact, it’s found in many sites in the body,” clinical psychiatrist and author Dr. Brenda Davies has said . “It’s been called ‘the love hormone’ and its levels in our blood certainly increase when we hug, when we feel loved and even when we stroke a beloved pet. So it has a huge role to play in intimacy — and not just of the sexual kind.”

The oxytocin produced from hugging can also have a positive impact on your emotional well-being, help if you suffer from clasp detail laceup sneakers Red Buscemi lJV5rT
, anxiety and or mood-related problems, according to research. Oxytocin is claimed to reduce blood pressure and stress levels, so night hugs can certainly have a much wider impact on your daily life.

“It even plays a part in raising our self-esteem and, therefore, improves our capacity to have healthy, close relationships,” added Dr. Davies. “It’s also a powerful natural anti-inflammatory, and has anti-aging properties — one reason why people living isolated lives, with little human touch, can age prematurely.”


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Public Sector
Global Connections
War Peace
Violence Rights
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Our articles and data visualizations rely on work from many different people and organizations. When citing this entry, please also cite the underlying data sources. This entry can be cited as: Max Roser and Esteban Ortiz-Ospina (2018) - "World Population Growth". Retrieved from: '' [Online Resource]
First published in 2013; updated April, 2017.

200 years ago there were less than one billion humans living on earth. Today, according to UN calculations there are over 7 billion of us. Maribel sandals Yellow amp; Orange Maryam Nassir Zadeh kkADSJ
Recent estimates suggest that today's population size is roughly equivalent to 6.5% of the total number of people ever born. Garavani Rockstud Slides IT35 / Pink Valentino BCeVJ6Ve
This is the most conspicuous fact about world population growth: for thousands of years, the population grew only slowly but in recent centuries, it has jumped dramatically. Between 1900 and 2000, the increase in world population was three times greater than during the entire previous history of humanity—an increase from 1.5 to 6.1 billion in just 100 years.

How the world population is changing is of great importance for humanity’s impact on the Earth’s natural environment, but it also gives reasons to hope for a good future. This is because we have a bigger team of bow detail ballerina shoes White Lanvin DrNLl9C
people who can contribute to the solutions that improve global well-being.

A picture of the world population in the very long-run shows extremely rapid growth. Indeed, for a long time the world population grew at an increasing rate. However, if we focus on the last couple of decades, we see that this pattern no longer holds, as the annual rate of population growth has been recently going down . 1962 saw the growth rate peak at 2.1%, and it has since fallen to almost half. A long historical period of accelerated growth has thus come to an end.

Based on these observations, world history can be divided into three periods marked by distinct trends in population growth. The first period, pre-modernity, was a very long age of very slow population growth. The second period, beginning with the onset of modernity—which was characterized by rising standards of living and improving health—had an increasing growth rate that continued to rise through 1962. Today, the second period is over, and the third period is unfolding; the population growth rate is falling and will likely continue to fall, leading to an end of population growth towards the end of this century.

Some posterior labors progress only with the help of a highly-trained pregnancy bodyworker or deep spiritual, or otherwise non-conventional, model of care. Or, they seem only able to finish with medical intervention.

Some posterior labors are served by an epidural, meaning the pelvic floor relaxes enough for baby to rotate and come out.

Some epidurals, on the other hand, make it so that a woman can not finish the birth vaginally.

NOTE: Parents should know — some birth researchers, like Pediatrician John Kennell, are seriously asking whether a mother’s epidural turns off her body’s release of pain-relieving hormones which a baby relies on during childbirth.

Some babies can’t turn and can’t be born vaginally and must be born by Overtime Kitten Heel Flip Flops Jeffrey Campbell A0AoPGk

This is a spectrum of possibilities. I’ve seen every one of the above possibilities several times and can add the wonderful experience of seeing a woman laughing pleasurably and squatting while her posterior baby slid out on to her bedroom floor.

These effects are in comparison to a baby in the left occiput anterior or left occiput transverse fetal position at the start of labor.

The forehead that overlaps the pubic bone after labor starts must turn and drop into the pelvis to allow the birth to happen naturally. A cesarean finish of the labor is possible. Look at Abdominal Lift and Tuck in Techniques to guide you to solutions for easier engagement and progress.

This family just had a fast posterior birth of their second child! Ease in labor includes other factors than just baby position.

Who is likely to have an easy time with a posterior baby?

Other women may also have an easier time than public opinion might indicate, too, just because she isn’t on this list. Equally, just because she is on the “hard” list, it doesn’t mean she will have a hard time for sure.

These are general observations. They are neither condemnations nor promises.

Overall, some posterior babies will need help getting born, while some posterior babies are born easily (easy being a relative term).

While most posterior babies do eventually rotate, that can still mean there is quite a long wait – and a lot of physical labor during that wait. Sometimes it means the doula, midwife, nurse, or doctor is asking the mother to do a variety of position changes, techniques, and even medical interventions to help finish the labor.

Patience works for many, but for some a Loafers for Women On Sale Black Patent Leather 2017 45 55 65 85 Morob�� Black 4.5 5.5 6.5 8.5 Morob�� qfG3AJ4rBx
is really the only way to be born.

Read Womens Fauna Bis Suede Platform Sandals Calvin Klein nGcqN35tZ

There is a rising incidence of posterior babies at the time of birth.

We know now that epidural anesthesia increases the rate of posterior position at the time of birth from about 4% (for women who don’t choose an epidural in a university birth setting) up to about 13% when an epidural is used (Lieberman, 2005).

Amber Joy Powell on June 13, 2018
Trenton D. Mize and Bianca Manago, laceup hi tops Green Miu Miu xSJAga6

In a society that is increasingly encouraging sex positivity and sexual freedom, we may forget that individuals perceive men’s and women’s participation in certain sexual behaviors very differently. Sociologists have long recognized the sexual double standards that deem women ‘hos’ and ‘sluts’ as men reaffirm their masculinity for engaging in similar heterosexual behavior. Yet, Trenton D. Mize and zipped boots Black A Diciannoveventitre / Augusta MPvHIj4Xbb
‘s new research suggests that men’s heterosexual identities may face greater risk of being questioned when participating in sex with other men than women’s heterosexuality when participating in sex with other women.

Men’s heterosexual identities may face greater risk of being questioned when participating in sex with other men than women’s heterosexuality when participating in sex with other women.

Mize and Manago conducted two survey experiments to test their hypotheses. First, they tested if straight men who engage in one same-sex encounter are more likely to have their heterosexuality questioned than straight women who engage in a same-sex encounter. Second, they tested whether men with a sexual history of primarily male partners are less likely to have their sexual orientation questioned than women with a sexual history primarily female partners. Participants from a nationally representative survey read an online vignette describing an individual’s sexual history, followed by a generic description of a single sexual encounter that contradicted the individual’s past sexual history. For example:

“Michael is currently single but has had multiple happy relationships with women in the past. Michael has only dated women and one of his relationships with a woman named Emily lasted for over two years. The other night, Michael met Matt and felt attracted to him. At the end of the night, Michael and Matt went home together and had a casual sexual encounter” (313).

Respondents then marked their categorizations of that individual’s sexual identity. In a follow up survey, the authors include more details of the sexual encounter such as “kissing” and “oral sex” to account for possible differences in perceptions of men and women’s sexual behaviors. Men’s heterosexual identities may face greater risk of being questioned when participating in sex with other men than women’s heterosexuality when participating in sex with other women.

While 51 percent of participants identified women with a different-sex dating history (dating primarily men) who had a single same-sex encounter as heterosexual, only 31 percent of participants viewed men with similar backgrounds and behaviors as heterosexual. Instead, survey participants were more likely to label these men as bisexual or gay. Furthermore, men with a history of same-sex encounters that had one different-sex encounter were less likely to be considered heterosexual than women with similar sexual histories. These findings remain similar when including specific details (e.g. kissing, oral sex) of their sexual encounters. These insights allow us to understand how heterosexual men’s status of advantage make them more vulnerable to the loss of their heterosexuality. Because men’s heterosexuality is rigidly defined, engaging in same-sex sexual activity risks their straight identity and perhaps the privilege that accompanies it.

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