Meet the OLUS+ Family

OLUS+ Juice blends are a series of six formulas of cold-pressed juices made from Certified Organic and Non-GMO Produce, containing the nutrients of 18 fruits and vegetables that are designed to provide a balanced weekly nutrition program. These products are not a meal replacement or liquid diet “cleanse,” but rather a convenient and delicious way to get your daily servings of fruits and vegetables as recommended by the American Medical Association, the National Institutes of Health and most medical physicians.

Convenience you can Live with

All the goodness of Certified Organic, non-GMO vegetables and fruits cold pressed into one bottle. OlusJuice, using established scientific principles, has specially created a system of six balanced formulas that allow your body to more easily digest the concentrated nutrients of 18 different vegetables and fruits. It’s a whole grocery cart full of fruits and vegetables, delivered to you in six delicious juices.

Your Nutrition and Wellness

When it comes to your health, it can be difficult to find a source of convenient, healthy, organic and non-GMO fruits and vegetables to meet your nutrition needs. As a result, many of the ailments that impact our society today can be linked to poor eating and lifestyle choices. The OLUS+ Team is dedicated to improving your well-being with our health-conscious, plant-based products, and information that will assist you in making healthier lifestyle choices.

Convenient In-Home or Workplace Delivery

Our OLUS+ products can be delivered directly to your home or workplace for a nominal fee. Alternatively, you can elect to pick up your product in order to save the delivery charge. Either way, it’s a convenient solution!

Your Nutrition and Wellness Team was founded by a group of physician specialists and business management professionals whose focus is to provide health-conscious nutritional products that are designed and formulated from a medical perspective. It is our goal to also provide ongoing information and educational content to our customers to help them better understand the benefits of a healthy diet.